Single Estate Planning (with children)

Estate planning involves documents that will protect and provide for you and your loved ones.

Commonly, estate planning is associated with multi-generational, large, traditional families; but estate planning for singles, or those in non-traditional partnerships is just as important, if not more so.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have full custody of my child and have nominated a Guardian, and something happens to me, will the other parent or the Guardian I nominated gain custody?

If the other parent is fit, the court will likely award custody to the other parent over your nomination.

Should I name my minor children as a beneficiary?

We will be happy to discuss better strategies for your life insurance policies and other assets you may wish to pass to your minor (eventually adult) children.

Understanding Estate Planning
We hope that these resources may answer some of your initial questions.

Also see our guide to basic estate planning legal documents here.

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Client Info Packet

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