Durable Power of Attorney

All adults need a trustworthy agent. Here’s why.


Health Care Surrogate

If you couldn’t communicate with your doctors, who would trust?

Revocable Living Trust

With thoughtfully prepared trusts, you may continue to protect and guide your loved ones with your wisdom even after you are gone.

Pre-Need Guardian

What happens to you, your loved ones and/or property if you should become incapacitated?

Living Will

A Living Will tells your family and physicians what to do in the event that they must consider artificial life-prolonging measures for you.

Children’s Trusts

One of our goals with a trust is to help minor or immature beneficiaries not to hurt themselves with an inheritance.


Commonly, the position of Trustee is bifurcated into two roles: the Administrative Trustee and Investment Advisor. We also look at Designated Representatives and other positions in this video.

Special Needs Trusts

Beyond supplemental medical expenses, a properly drafted Special Needs Trust can maintain quality of life, and can open doors for your loved one that you may not imagine.

Charitable Giving

There are a few ways we recommend our clients structure their charitable giving plans.

Last Will & Testament, Part I

How will this document work after you “get on the bus?”

Last Will & Testament, Part II

Provisions and special circumstances.

Funeral Arrangements

Your Personal Representative/Executor is not necessarily the person responsible for making funeral arrangements, though they can be.

The Three Acting Parts of a Trust

All trusts have the same three acting parts!

What does a Revocable Living Trust accomplish?

A Revocable Living Trust is treated differently under Federal law and State law. So, what does it accomplish?

Advantages of Joint Trusts

Are you married and wondering if a joint trust is right for you and your spouse? Some couples are very good candidates for one!

Can an RV or boat qualify as homestead?

What do you need to do to qualify an RV or boat as your homestead? It’s possible!